JB Pritzker isn’t taking any chances

Inside the Democratic Governor’s unprecedented early investments in paid media online

When a “reliably blue” state has in recent years produced two Democratic U.S. senators, a Democratic trifecta in the state government, majority-Democratic congressional delegations, and Electoral College votes for Democratic candidates for president, it can be hard to imagine a Republican winning statewide again.

However, having just beat a Republican incumbent three years ago, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker seems to know perfectly well that his own re-election next year will be his to lose. His campaign was online with Facebook ads a full month before he formally announced his re-election bid in July, and in those five-ish months has steadily spent a whopping $2,707,425 on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube political ads, almost all of which target Illinoisans. Here’s how that spending breaks down across four (4!!) Facebook pages and YouTube so far this year:

In June and most of July, Pritzker’s campaign spent $371,351 on just 30 Facebook and Instagram ads that highlighted how Ill…

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