The 11 best newsletters for politics, tech, and social media

From interviews with tech CEO's to data-driven roundups, here's what we think should fill your inbox

Sometimes, you’re too busy to chase down news articles on Twitter and across the internet. We’re obviously big fans of getting the news right in our inboxes, so we thought we’d share 11 of our favorite newsletters that we read each week. In no particular order, these newsletters share research, content, and 🔥 takes about politics, the internet, and their influence on our society.

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Message Box

Our friend Dan Pfeiffer has become a leading advocate for smart Democratic messaging in the post-Trump era, and uses this newsletter to share priceless advice on what liberals should be focusing on - and how they communicate their priorities to the public. 

Galaxy Brain

Former NYT Opinion writer-at-large Charlie Warzel writes about how the internet and technology shape our economy, our politics, and the world around us.

Platformer 🤖

If you’re into how the major social media platforms are growing and changing, then Platformer is for you. Casey Newton often interviews major tech industry execs and provides a different perspective on Facebook than most journalists.

Slow Build

Nancy Scola spent years on POLITICO’s tech beat before recently launching Slow Build to highlight and interrogate tech’s “biggest questions.” The newsletter is packed with thoughtful interviews with industry leaders, and it benefits from Nancy’s deep knowledge of and experience covering the intersection of tech and politics.

Popular Information

Judd Legum’s corporate accountability journalism via Popular Information put Substack on the map. The former Think Progress Editor-in-Chief regularly uncovers hypocrisy and under-the-radar influence campaigns from powerful actors in politics and industry.

FWIW Virginia

OK, we’re biased, but the Virginia off-year elections are here, and Democrats can’t take them for granted. If you’re interested in how the battles for Governor and the House of Delegates are shaking out online, subscribe to FWIW VA, published weekly by Connor Ouchi. 

Anchor Change

We’re excited to see what becomes of former Facebook Public Policy Director Katie Harbath’s brand new newsletter, Anchor Change. Katie has unique, intimate knowledge of how major tech policy decisions are made - especially at Facebook - and we’re eager to hear her thoughts on the company’s inevitable policy changes ahead of 2022.

What’s Trending

CAP Action’s Alex Witt writes this weekly newsletter that highlights organic engagement data on political posts on Facebook. Sent every Friday. (Subscribe here)

Learn Test Optimize

Republican digital strategist & entrepreneur Eric Wilson curates this weekly roundup of news clips about tech, digital advertising, social media, and politics. Sent every Friday morning. (Subscribe here)


Decode Democracy publishes a weekly roundup of the latest news, analysis, and research on “online political deception.” (Subscribe here)

Big Tent

Crooked Media’s Brian Beutler writes this weekly roundup of everything you should know about what’s happening in politics. Sent on Fridays. (Subscribe here)